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8th March 2014, India International Centre, New Delhi. View Details

What We Do


TFWW  is creating a platform to facilitate progress for educated working women.  A centre for continuous research, advocacy and interaction,  the Foundation’s  work agenda includes creating awareness, impacting public policy, building infrastructure through public-private participation, and bringing together resources.  A calendar of initiatives… Read More

Why We Exist


One half of the world is women. In India, only a fraction of that half works for substantive economic benefit – either to make a living or simply because they want to. A study shows that in recent years the number of women in the urban, organized workforce has reduced as their education has improved. TFWW is committed to facilitating a change… Read More

Who We Are


The Foundation for Working Women (TFWW) is a body established to bring more educated women into the workforce, and importantly, to retain them in a sustainable and enabling environment. Founded by women professionals, the Foundation aims to work with all key stakeholders to facilitate change and transform the reality of work for educated women. Collaborating with Indian and global… Read More