The lack of women’s participation and effectiveness in the workforce is once too often attributed to ‘what women want’, their mindsets, their desire to look after their children, put family ahead of work etc. There may be truth in all of this, but there is another truth. When support infrastructure is available, it creates a multitude of opportunities that women opt to exercise.

If women had a dependable support structure for childcare and elder care, we would witness a transformation in their approach to work.  Local care centres that are hygienic, dependable and affordable are a high-impact response to the challenge women and families face.

Children belong in the home and community space as opposed to the office. High quality local care near the home could in many ways be far more efficient than people carrying babies over long distances to their office provided creches. International experience suggests that these are not adequate in themselves and can definitely not substitute for high quality public-private partnership based local infrastructure. .

TFWW is committed to creating the eco-system that will support women who work. Over a period of time, we seek to create public-private partnerships that will offer local day care and elder care facilities – of high quality at affordable prices – across India.