Our Work


    • The Wisdom Walks: Every month, graduating women and young working women are  encouraged to walk with senior professional women as an expression of support. They are be mentored and life wisdom and lessons from experience shared with them, as opposed to ‘smarts’ or get by tips.
    • TFWW Magazine: A magazine focused on issues that are relevant to professional and working women – “Women Empowered”

Public Policy

    • Research

TFWW conducts research, collates, evaluates and presents data on various aspects surrounding  women in the workforce. These include:

      • international data and the accompanying policy framework; relevance for India; social support frameworks
      • data on what women’s participation in the workforce contributes to economic growth/development and equality
      • Current and contextual India data – quantitative and qualitative
    • Advocacy

Our target audience for advocacy efforts are:

      • Women’s colleges specifically (colleges at large)
      • Women’s networks
      • Government/Parliament
      • Senior management in corporate India (men and women)
    • Advisory

Government organisations, enterprises, political parties who would like to build an agenda to serve educated women; inputs towards their documents, policies, manifestos.


Launch public private partnerships across the country (beginning with Delhi) for child-care and elder care.